DiKeRo’s Lurifax

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Distinguished Merit:

IC. DiKeRo’s Kahlua Ludlows
IC. DiKeRo’s ThunderStorm Snowfox
GIC. MyShadow’s BitterSweet Memories, JW
IC. Star Wars Darth Sidious
IP. Amalia’s Little Lady


PEXO Online Show April 2021 – NOM
PEXO Online Show August 2021 – BOB 2
PEXO Online Show December 2021 – NOM
PEXO Online Show August 2022 – BIS

PEXO Cat of the year 2022 – Breeding Male No. 1
PEXO Cat of the year 2022 – BIV EXO n No. 04
PEXO Cat of the year 2022 – Adult Male No. 17
PEXO Online Show Juli 2023 – BIV EXO n


IC. DiKeRo’s Kahlua Ludlows (PER n, Female)
DiKeRo’s Kaliba Crystal Pearl’s (PER f, Female)
DiKeRo’s Kida (EXO f, Female)
DiKeRo’s Step By Step (EXO n, Female)
DiKeRo’s Shine Bright Nasada (EXO n, Male)
DiKeRo’s Sweet Dreams (EXO n, Female)
CH. DiKeRo’s ThunderBall Snowfox (PER w 62, Male)
IC. DiKeRo’s ThunderStorm Snowfox (EXO w 62, Male)
Amalia’s Baloo Bear (EXO d 23, Male)
Amalia’s Smiling Susi (PER f, Female)*
Amalia’s Wild Wanda (EXO f 23, Female)*
Amalia’s Happy Hug (EXO n 22, Male)
IP. Amalia’s Little Lady (PER ns, Female)
Amalia’s Lucky Luke (PER n 24, Male)
Amalia’s Mamma Mia (PER f 24, Female)
Amalia’s Preddy Pearl (EXO fs 24 62, Female)
Amalia’s Black Pearl (EXO n, Female)
LaLiShen’s Black Beauty (EXO n, Male)
LaLiShen’s Black Charmeur (EXO n, Male)
GIC. MyShadow’s Bittersweet Memories, JW (EXO d, Male)
MyShadow’s Postmark (EXO n, Male)
Nymann’s Apollon (EXO ns 22 62, Male)
Scandian’s Hummel (EXO f 24, Female)
Scandian’s Hans Jørgen Wegner, (EXO n 23, Male)
Scandian’s Isak Dinesen (EXO d, Male)
Scandian’s Ingemark Stenmark (EXO n, Male)
Scandian’s Jotunheim (EXO n, Male)
IC. Star Wars Dearth Sidious (EXO n, Male)


Name of the cat: DiKeRo's Lurifax
Breed: Exotic
Sex: Male
Color: Black
Born: 21-08-2016
Pedigree Number: FD LO
Breeder: Robert & Kenneth Piral Didriksen
Owner: Robert & Kenneth Piral Didriksen
Country: Denmark

SC. El Zaburs Charmeur of DiKeRo, JW, DSM

PER d 24
GC El Zaburs September Moon
PER d 23
CH Canastalion Limon Pie of El Zaburs
PER e 22
Steeplechase Whirlaeay
Artmis Blueberry Pie
CH D'Eden Lover Moonrose of
GC. BW. NW. Melositos White Owl of D'Eden Lover, DM
CH. Zhao Be Still My Heart of Kourii
CH D'Eden Lover Moonrose of El Zaburs
GC. BW. NW. Melositos White Owl of D'Eden Lover, DM
PER w 62
Boberan's Black Spade of Melositos
Kitty Charm MoonWinds of Melositos
CH. Zhao Be Still My Heart of Kourii
GC. Couroone Heart On Fire of Zhao
CH. Ilex Aura About Her

CH Tombrock Little Diva of Mandrake

Tehy Fired Up
GC NW Kelsha Great Bear
GC. NW. Bolo's Rodeo of Kelsha
GC. GP. RW Kelsha Blessing Way, DM
Tehy Ellie Mae
GC. NW. Tehy Rise 'N Shine, DM
Aftabi's Marakesh of Tehy
Mandrake Diva Shaliqua of Tombrock
WW'11 SP. Maradán Tyransaurius of Mandrake, DSM
EXO n 22
Ydem Serial Lover of Mandrake
Maradán-E-A-Mari Pili
Mandrake's Kamino
Joleigh's Outrider of Mandrake
Mandrake's Lumiya

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